Remove individual biases from your action items

April 29th, 2024, Written by Farhana Sarker

Remove individual biases from your action items

How does bias get introduced into meeting action items?

It’s simple, really. People are different, so they often have their own, individual ways of interpreting information based on their experience levels, knowledge, and personal values. As a result, different people may come out of a meeting with a different understanding of what happened in that meeting, leading to a skewed or incomplete representation of action items. 

Moreover, it takes time before the meeting’s action items can make it into a project tracker as tracked tasks, especially when busy people have back-to-back meetings or are working on multiple tasks at once. This increases the chance of action items being forgotten or overshadowed by other priorities, injecting an even more biased understanding of goals. In the end, people begin working on individual priorities instead of team priorities, contributing to team misalignment and therefore project failures.

The key to preventing individual biases from misaligning team members is to ensure that action items are consistently and promptly accessible by the team. This encourages diverse participation and collaboration for documenting accurate action items.

But the systems where people capture team conversations (memory, paper, notetaking apps) are disconnected from those that track the projects that are affected by those conversations. And the speed at which people are able to hold meetings and capture meeting notes now is much faster than the speed at which people are able to enter those notes into project management systems. You may have heard this a lot or even felt it yourself – “it would take a lot longer for me to create tasks in Jira than to actually do the tasks”.

But rushing to do the tasks without thought is not usually productive. Failing to track tasks in a universally accessible place only increases the likelihood that people will put their own bias into what they choose to work on, which may not align with the team.

CaptureMyMeeting connects your meetings to your projects by storing highly accurate action items from your meeting transcripts directly into project collaboration systems like BasicOps. This seamless process ensures that nothing ever gets missed and encourages teams to collaborate on goals past the meeting conversation, fostering team alignment and timely delivery of projects.

Bridge the gap between your team conversations and projects, and watch your team momentum and productivity soar!