Unlock Meeting Insights with Sentiment Discovery and Analytics!

July 20th, 2023, Written by Farhana Sarker

Unlock Meeting Insights with Sentiment Discovery and Analytics!

Understanding client interactions is paramount to delivering exceptional services and building strong relationships. However, doing a deep-dive analysis of every conversation with a client is complex and time-consuming, and insightful patterns or trends within the conversation may not be apparent.

With CaptureMyMeeting’s new Sentiment Discovery and Analytics tool, you can uncover insights from your recorded client interactions through a time-based, graphical sentiment analysis of each of your client meetings. The tool allows you to easily visualize and analyze the sentimental and emotional flow of each conversation over time, enabling you to pinpoint moments of interest, key pain points, and opportunities for growth.

Key features:

– Sentiment Score Cards: Get a quick overview of how a meeting went from sentiment score cards that summarize and depict the distribution of positive and negative moments.

– Interactive Sentiment Time Graphs: Track changes and patterns in the sentiments and emotions present within your conversation over time, with the ability to filter by any speaker. Easily visualize the onset and intensity of each sentiment present, and pinpoint key moments.

– Fine-grained Sentiment Analysis: View a detailed analysis of each snippet of the conversation, including a sentiment score, emotions present, and who is speaking.

– Key Moments: View a list of the most significant moments that occurred during the meeting.

– Transcript Backlinks: Seamlessly navigate back to the transcript at key moments for further exploration and deep-dives.

Delve deep into your client interactions with this tool to gain valuable insights from your conversations. Use the insights to enhance engagement, resolve issues proactively, and identify growth opportunities. You can also surface patterns in sentiments, evaluate effectiveness, and fine-tune your approaches.

Try it out here for free for a limited time, and let us know what you think!