CaptureMyMeeting Partners with BasicOps to Help Teams Make Better, Aligned Decisions from Their Meetings

October 25th, 2023, Written by Farhana Sarker

CaptureMyMeeting partners with BasicOps  to streamline meeting decision making and action items tracking for team projects!

When managing multiple parallel projects with short delivery times, conversation details tend to get scattered, and requirements frequently shift. These issues leave lots of room for missing important details, miscommunication, and misalignment, which could cause roadmaps to fall apart. The first step of the solution is to bring the relevant information together into one place where all team members can access it and collaborate on it to make informed, aligned decisions and move projects steadily forward.

With this goal in mind, CaptureMyMeeting now integrates with BasicOps to make tracking and collaborating with your team on your project’s meeting notes easier than ever, accelerating our mission of helping teams determine the right next steps from their meetings.

If you haven’t heard of BasicOps yet, you’re missing out! Think of Slack, Asana, Notion, and Google Drive all-in-one – your one-stop destination for managing and collaborating on your team projects. (For more information, visit www.basicops.com.)

Integrate your BasicOps account with your CaptureMyMeeting account. Then, CaptureMyMeeting will automatically store AI-generated summaries and action items from each of your meeting recordings into a personal Note in BasicOps going forward. You can then add your note to a project and collaborate on it with your team, and turn action items into BasicOps tasks in one click.

Keep your projects and team members on point with this integration. Try it out here today!