CaptureMyMeeting Now Has Todoist Integration!

June 15th, 2023, Written by Farhana Sarker

CaptureMyMeeting Now Has Todoist Integration!

CaptureMyMeeting now has Todoist integration! Store action items from your recorded meetings into your Todoist inbox.

Keeping track of action items discussed during a meeting can be tedious and tiring, especially when your day is filled with meetings and you are managing multiple team projects at once. Task management applications offer efficient solutions for individuals and teams to manage their to-do lists, but meeting action items still need to be manually inserted into the apps.

With the CaptureMyMeeting-Todoist integration, you can streamline the process of getting your meeting action items into your task manager. Integrate your Todoist account with your CaptureMyMeeting account. You can then store any action item that CaptureMyMeeting’s AI detects from your meeting recording into your Todoist inbox going forward, allowing you to use Todoist to organize, prioritize, and track your meeting tasks. See a recorded demo here!

Capture your meeting tasks automatically with this integration so that you can focus instead on “getting things done.” Try it out here, and let us know what you think!

Also, checkout our integration page on Todoist.