Getting Things Done (GTD) with CaptureMyMeeting

April 26th, 2023, Written by Farhana Sarker

Getting Things Done (GTD) with CaptureMyMeeting

Image Taken From Todoist’s GTD Article: https://todoist.com/productivity-methods/getting-things-done

The GTD task management system, created by David Allen, is based on the concept that our brains are better-suited to process information rather than store it. If too many tasks are stored in our heads, we waste time thinking about them instead of making progress on them.

The first step to GTD therefore is to capture all of the contents in our heads, no matter how big or small, into an external system (e.g. a notetaking app).

This clears your mind for the more involved and needed steps: clarifying what each of those items entails, organizing the tasks with due dates and assignees, frequently reviewing and revising the tasks over time, and finally engaging in the tasks to get them done in order of priority.

CaptureMyMeeting, as the name suggests, automates the first step of GTD: capture. Record your brainstorming meetings with your teammates to figure out what needs to get done. CaptureMyMeeting will automatically detect the action items discussed in your recording and email them to you shortly after your meeting. Spend less time clearing your brain of all the clutter and more time organizing, refining, and doing your tasks.

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