Get AI-generated Meeting Notes with CaptureMyMeeting!

January 24, 2023, Written by Farhana Sarker

Get AI-generated Meeting Notes with CaptureMyMeeting!

The growth of today’s AI-based NLP technology has allowed for the ability to analyze text at scale with higher efficiency and accuracy than ever before. Data that would previously take weeks to manually analyze can now be processed with astonishing accuracy in minutes or seconds by tools like ChatGPT, leading to almost immediately actionable insights. And the abilities of these tools continue to improve as they continue to learn from real-world data.

Such tools when used to analyze meeting content are a game changer for employees, allowing them to reliably offload tedious notetaking and analysis to these tools so that they can concentrate on their meetings and next steps, significantly boosting their productivity. With this in mind, CaptureMyMeeting has incorporated OpenAI’s GPT-3 models to analyze meeting transcripts, providing users with fast and highly accurate automatic meeting notes. (GPT-3 belongs to the family of models that ChatGPT is built on top of.)

Simply upload your meeting recording, or import your recording with one of our integrations (ZoomWebex). CaptureMyMeeting will then process your recording and provide you with automatic meeting notes within minutes.

– Get clear and concise meeting summaries.
– View extracted action items.
– Pinpoint important data points discussed, such as measurements and deadlines.
– Review sentiment analysis results to understand how participants were feeling.

Concentrate fully during your meetings knowing that actionable notes will be waiting for you in your CaptureMyMeeting platform shortly afterward. Try it out here and let us know what you think!