CaptureMyMeeting now has Webex Integration!

January 10, 2023, Written by Farhana Sarker

CaptureMyMeeting now has Webex Integration!

CaptureMyMeeting now has Webex Integration! We are thrilled to partner with Webex to improve users’ meeting productivity!

Today’s increasingly remote-friendly work life and sophisticated collaboration software have allowed meetings to become more accessible and frequent, leading to the need for tools to help people navigate through their surge of meeting content. CaptureMyMeeting is an AI-driven meeting indexing and productivity platform that helps you to more easily find, review, and act on the collected knowledge from your meeting recordings.

By integrating with Webex by Cisco, a leading solution for online meetings and collaboration, CaptureMyMeeting makes the post-meeting analysis process quick and seamless, so that you can focus on your meetings and next steps. Integrate your Webex account with your CaptureMyMeeting account with just the click of a few buttons. CaptureMyMeeting will then automatically import and process any Webex cloud recording you create going forward and provide you with searchable results and meeting notes shortly afterward.

  • Search through any words that were spoken or written during your meetings. Search results will contain the matched video frames or portions of the transcript.
  • Playback your meeting recordings from the matched timestamps.
  • Get GPT-3-generated meeting notes (summaries, action items, data points, sentiments).
  • Download full, speaker-labeled transcripts.
  • Share your searchable meeting content with others.

Analyze all of your Webex work meetings, events, class lectures, office hours, etc. easily and more productively with this integration. Try it out for FREE here, and let us know what you think! Also, check out the CaptureMyMeeting app on Webex App Hub.