Uncover Employee Value Through Effective Knowledge Transfer

November 16, 2022, Written by Farhana Sarker

Uncover Employee Value Through Effective Knowledge Transfer

What is the cost of losing an employee? As organizations grow larger and larger, individual employee experience tends to get minimized. It is sometimes difficult to realize the true value of an employee until they are gone. Other times, companies and even customers will feel the burn from the loss of an employee without even realizing it, simply because the employee is no longer around to put out the fire.

Every employee develops a unique experience within an organization. Through these experiences, they gradually build a set of unique knowledge that is instrumental toward the growth and success of the organization. Somewhere in the room, a salesperson is creating strong relationships with customers and learning special aspects about their lives that can shape ideas for innovation within the company. An engineer is gaining firsthand experience using new tools specific to their projects and writing code that only they know best. A recruiter is learning good interview practices and methods to draw in the best candidates for the business. And the list goes on and on.

How can we capture all of this knowledge? And how can we help transfer this knowledge to others who would benefit? Our brains learn too quickly for us to write everything down. Not to mention the ample amount of time it takes to create comprehensive documentation. It is also difficult to prioritize documentation in a fast-paced work culture where there is always “something more important” to do. But why write it down when you can just record it and later review the content? CaptureMyMeeting can help you do that by indexing your audio and video content, making both the spoken and written content of your recordings searchable. You can search through the content to more easily pinpoint important details and take notes.

Try an exercise with your company. Ask everyone to pick a topic that they believe they have some unique knowledge on. Then ask them to record themselves teaching it. The recording does not have to be long—even a few minutes of video can speak volumes. Upload the video recordings to CaptureMyMeeting. When the uploads and indexing have finished, ask everyone to search through the content for a topic they wished they knew more about. How much did everyone learn? Are you surprised by the kinds of unique knowledge your employees contribute to the team? Try it out, and let us know!