Reduce Context Switching with CaptureMyMeeting

September 7, 2022, Written by Anastasia Zimina

Reduce Context Switching with CaptureMyMeeting

Context switching is known to be costly. Studies have shown the progressive productivity loss that occurs on multiple projects after a disruption, citing anywhere between 20% and 40% of productivity loss occurring. Studies also show that over the last year, the percentage of people multitasking during a call has increased to 52%. Furthermore, it takes an ample amount of time to become effective again after a disruption.

Meetings are often considered the source of such disruption. However, in a remote world with teams working across multiple time zones and spanning continents, remote meetings are one of the most effective, and necessary, methods of sharing information. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of work to turn a remote call into an effective productivity lever: you need a well-defined agenda, a thought-out list of participants, a meeting facilitator, and, most importantly, meeting notes.

With meeting notes, calls themselves become a victim of context-switching-related productivity loss. One or multiple participants would need to split their attention to capture the most relevant information and decisions made, causing them to need to often switch between two tasks. With a standard call time of 30 minutes, one would lose 20% of meeting time to adapt between the two tasks, and require a 20 minute ramp up period, as studies show. With multiple calls a day, the mental toll of trying to participate fully while also trying to capture and retain as much relevant information as possible becomes exhaustive.

CaptureMyMeeting can help to solve this problem by outsourcing the note taking and allowing team members to fully focus on the project at hand. Simply state your conclusions at any part of the call, and our indexing solution will transcribe all the relevant information. Team members can automatically begin to act on new whiteboard ideas while CaptureMyMeeting prepares the searchable content in the background. CaptureMyMeeting also has a Zoom integration, making it really easy to access and search any Zoom meetings that need reviewing. Try it out today here, and boost your productivity!