Combat “Meeting Fatigue” with CaptureMyMeeting

June 30, 2022, Written by Farhana Sarker

As we move toward a world that is more remote-friendly, virtual meetings are becoming an integral and frequent part of our everyday lives. Video conferencing applications such as Zoom have become essential to support our ability to connect with our team members and maintain our teams’ productivity. However, the detached and unnatural nature of virtual meetings brings about more distractions, the ability to multitask, and physical discomfort (from having to constantly sit and stare into a camera), causing attendees to often lose concentration and miss important information [1] [2]. As it is harder to focus, attendees tend to find themselves even more exhausted from their meetings than they once were, leading to issues like “Zoom Fatigue”  [1] [2]. These issues lead to the need for tools that can help us process our meeting content and recall information we may have missed.

Enter, CaptureMyMeeting. With CaptureMyMeeting, you can index all of your recorded meetings and create a searchable record of your meeting content, allowing you to search through both the spoken and written (e.g. text on a whiteboard or slides) content of your meetings at any time. Locate and review any meeting information you may have missed or would simply like to go through again. You can also integrate Zoom so that CaptureMyMeeting can automatically index your Zoom cloud recordings as soon as they are ready. Increase your productivity by integrating this tool into your daily life. Try it out for FREE here, and let us know what you think!